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Hey there. You probably won't ever see this but...I see that no submissions have been processed since 2012 :( I'm having a hard time accepting that this place is truly DEAD. I just can't believe it. I feel horrible about this.

Posted by Butterface89 on Feb 1, 14 5:56 pm · History

Hey there! I'm so glad you came back here, even if it was only on your way to a living site! Ha ha! Wow, yeah it's as dead as hell. The day finally came and I'm shocked despite myself. If YOU leave then this site truly IS dead:((( Are people still sending in submissions? I was just curious since this place is dead. Maybe the owner is dead, too! We never know!

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 10, 13 4:01 pm · History

just visiting the ghost town lol. I want to be apart of another graphic design/web community ;-; or atleast try to revive this one

Posted by ScriptedLove on Apr 14, 13 1:32 pm · History

Hey, where ARE you??

Posted by Butterface89 on Mar 24, 13 8:16 am · History

hey !

Posted by ScriptedLove on Mar 6, 13 12:46 pm · History

Hi! Happy upcoming Thanksgiving! Where the hell IS everybody on here? Am I the only one that came back? Are you still here? Ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 20, 12 5:58 am · History

aw yea. maybe a nice party or idk..a really nice dinner?!? won't stay in the closet unworn lol

oh neat!...shoot, maybe the Alamo crumbled alittle bit..that's why it's not so big lol
for real..especially the huge mansions...the air condition bill has to be around $500!!

haha same. ok so, on FB..there isn't a way to delete your account is there?..just "de-activate it" huh?...
I'll start school tomorrow...well I'll be in school by the time I reply again lol. May I ask you, how many more years of college do you have left?..

Posted by Snaily on Aug 21, 11 2:03 am · History

lol me either..but that's what I'm told > >'
can't be too careless with purchases from online.
oh wow that's a good price!

indeed. it's so pretty :D

OMG your dress is so pretty!!!! I love the design(especially the middle part)

oh lol okay. did you get to see The Alamo?..
haha that's exactly why ppl leave Houston..Texas at that fact. It's too humid XD
atleast you didn't see Galveston...believe me, it's NOT a beach.

forgot about the 4 months time lol.
that makes sense tho. I wonder if time feels fast or slow to a woman is prego...kindof crazy-thinking.

Posted by Snaily on Aug 9, 11 10:06 pm · History

thank you.
good advice, I shall do that. lol now just thinking bout the dress...not only is it a bit pricey, but the shipping & handling & from what I hear "insurance" for the could be nearly $500! it's a second thought.

lol, what about this dress though?:http://www.newyorkdres

the ruffles/skirt is soo cute :3

lol, that's why you get to visit tour places. and walk around ;)
well, it seems TX has the same places like Cali. (except restraunts)..but if you do get to go to a city called "Missouri City/Sugarland", there's a mexican rest. "El Vaquero"..they have the BEST mex. food ever! lol it feels like your in Mexico righty there XD.
that's all I know for now...I would say visit the malls/shops more though!

oh lol..that's alright. well shucks haha

awwwwwwww. soo cute!
that's 1 lucky girl.

rand./idk if I'm the only 1 who thinks this, but when the media announces a female celeb. is prego, why is it, it seems way less then the usual 9 months when she gives birth?..seriously, it's like the stories last for 4 months, and then the celeb. gives birth!
unless time is really passing XD

Posted by Snaily on Jul 29, 11 12:54 pm · History

Hello there! Glad you had a good holiday! Also, glad to hear from you! As far as the 3.0's, okay. It's weird because I haven't gotten any complaints or people telling me that can't use them so, we'll see^^ Thanks again! Xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 29, 11 4:57 am · History

haha ikr? it's okay tho (:

lol all this sweet talk makes you get a sweet tooth XD
it's alright-i'm more of the sugary icing type.

oh steel-colored looks nice!..elegant like
haha okay!
thank you, the dress isn't too puffy at the bottom is it?
haha that's New York for ya(well idk); and when special occassions occur and there's a new outfit to purchase-save up :D
the prom isn't til April..still time lol

omg if you get a chance, visit all main cities in Texas!
...must tell you though, there's alot of food-places wherever you go, so don't just stop at one place, try everything!

yea,and the ending is random, but funny too. Movies like that are nice to watch over and over again

OMG AWESOME!!!!LA won right?!
speaking of Beckham, did you get a chance to see a pic. of his daughter?!

Posted by Snaily on Jul 18, 11 9:10 pm · History

lol we were talking about "The Green Lantern" :). no worries though!
haha really? that's okay. ROFL YESSSS love that movie XDD

same here. why not, decorating a nice cupcake will still get eaten..kindof ruins the whole decorating part. okay this is kindof random too, but have you ever eaten a pastry(cake mostly) with a whip-topping kindof icing?(pretty much, the non-sugary kind).

surprisingly no, it was normal weather temp. omg it feels like a huge steam room outside when it's humid and raining D:

that's true. what kind of dress did you get to wear at the prom?!
this is the dress I would like to wear:
http://www.newyorkdress .com/Mori_Lee/87065.html

:D lol like Belle from Beuaty & the Beast!

OMG COOLLLL!!!! sadly no, just to Austin. At San Antonio you'll like The Alamo and little shops around there(so I've heard). take pics if you can please!!!

random/rofl, in "Pineapple Express", at the end, Matheson tells Saul to "sit his sexy ass down". have you even noticed that?!? the truth speaks lol

Posted by Snaily on Jul 10, 11 8:26 pm · History

Hi Nathalie! How was your July 4th? You know, I've been wondering if CB still takes any Myspace 3.0 layouts, Nathalie. I coded the last one I did after the "change-over" & it worked fine for me. No one left any comments to tell me the layout didn't work for them. If I submit another at this time will it be rejected simply because it's myspace? Thank you.

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 8, 11 8:06 am · History

it's funny how all the superheroes are getting their own movie now, guess that's the big thing in movies :). haha true true. idk, there isn't a near-by chance to go to the movies, it'll probably be out by the time I get a chance to go. However, at yahoo, they said the film was a flop, and it has ways before it can reach it's budget goal :T

agree, baking makes the whole atmosphere hot and hard to breathe. oh but now that we're talking about cupcakes, isn't the decorating part fun?!...trying to make a flower on a cupcake looks easy, but idt it is lol.
well thank you, if I do, I will let you know!
haha yea, oh but at christmas time, River Oaks is sooo beautiful!! the huge trees in everyone's frontlawn are always decorated, so you can see where you're going at night lol. I bet the owner's light bills are pretty pricey.
I want to see this red velvet yogurt now :D

uh, the word "neuroscience" sounds exhausting XD. it's too bad the teacher can't have therapy sessions with a student if they need someone to talk to...appraently you have to talk to someone who doesn't know you yet. that's the only no-fun part, but seriously the class was fun!
oh gosh that's horrible. omg you'd surprise when I say it rained for two days now! not the typical sprinkles,but pouring down..out of nowhere really. this weather is getting weirder by the minute-reminds me of "The Day after Tomorrow".

okay doke!..funny though, I don't get on much on FB either, I'll just stay here XD.
wow,that was months AGO..suppose the summer of 09' was the bomb here (:

this is random, but may I ask you for an opinion with prom?
at Prom, is most likely for girls to wear long dresses or short?...with the long dresses is it okay to be a little poofed out,but not too big?
see,I found this dress for prom,but idk if it's suitable to wear out not ^ ^'

Posted by Snaily on Jun 23, 11 6:35 pm · History

lol for a min, I thought you didn't get to see the vid. but yes, something bout (hot) guys speaking french (;

oh haha nice idea XD. let me go change the password then!
okay so it's not the password, but my e-mail, it says it's not correct..whatever, I unchecked all e-mail notificatons so no more -_-'.

haha yea, it's a break foronce :) btw, are you going to watch "Green Lantern"?

oh lol okay. Good gosh, making your own cupcakes is cheaper D:
agree, cupcakes are good, and some are cute(like the 2-bite ones)!
yes, lol the university I hope to go to xD..we'll see. omg if only you had time to visit, the area is soo lovely, peace actually :). I have to show you an area called River Oaks, it's the rich-peoples' place(as we like to call it). Mansions that are huge, and big yards, it's a fantasy place lol.
haha go for it! it's not that fruity-sweet flavor though, get a sample first!
keeping it simple isn't bad at all, but there's so much to have in a cup of yogurt! I haven't seen RV yogurt, so I must ask, what color is it?

lol indeed. oh btw, I passed a whole yr in psychology...never doing that course again(even though it was fun!)..too much work and studying XD. aw what the heck? should get more then a week for VK. Seems it would have to be next month or so just to take a trip. As of now, it's humid..not hot at all. Only the mornings(before 9) are the good time to be outside. However, it is the best time to wear short shorts & tanks :)

Alright, FB it is. and on second thought, I won't delete this account, just hard to get on here and there lol. Say now, what happend to the other administrators?

Posted by Snaily on Jun 13, 11 8:41 pm · History

ugh lucky, mysp won't let me delete mine..says wrong password :T
omg indeed!!!, since you like/love to photograph, uploading pics would be nice. sooo many groups to join too for everything :D *sounds like a promoter lol

by 35?...why not 40?..that's near the mid-age line lol. the younger male sounds desperate to be with a woman, oh well, whatever rocks the boat!

awww Nat!..not cool lol. SLEEPOVER PRONTO!
get together with some good friends, shop or see a movie then have a sleepover at someone's house(more like "crash" at their place XD). that'll be nice~

oh gosh the Kardashs?...they're really everywhere - -'. the building where "Celebrity Cupcakes" is at is that's a BIG sign meaning it's expensive.
Danngit, I should probably do research before I ask if there's a certain place around your area, my fault. Oh but it depends; at "Yogurtland", there's dispenser machines to get as much yogurt as you want, so I choose Tart,Dutch Choco., and Mango-the mango is sooooo good.oh yea, there's also a flavor called "Taro", it's alright, but the color is cool(light light brown ;D). Toppings, only chocolate chip cookie dough bits & m&ms :)
Now at Berripop, so far the Watermelon flavor is good, and it's a cute light pink color too. That's about it. What do you get?!
*aw man, major rant over yogurt lol.

good gosh! $3.75, you can buy smth(s) sooo much more. no thank you.

plans, nah. it's hot, the economy is killing everyone(especially gas!), and I think i should get ready for senior year lol-no goofing around :P
Besides working, what about you?!

P.S.-Do you still use FB? cause I think I might completly abandon this site..idk, I hardly remembered to stop by here. But if you don't use FB as much, that's cool, i'll stick around lol (:

Posted by Snaily on Jun 6, 11 5:42 pm · History

omggggggg...idk if you've seen this vid already Nat, but "yes plzzz" lol. /video-of-bradley-cooper-speak ing-fluent-french-causes-women -of-the-internet-to-swoon--309 9

Posted by Snaily on Jun 2, 11 7:10 pm · History

lol aw. omg, myspace.....surprisingly ppl are still there, but it's not fun anymore. do you a site named DeviantArt ?...that site is fun :) word lol. Say now, how come older women who like/love younger guys are called cougars?...what gives with the title lol. ehhh, men that can BE OUR GRANDADS...that's too much.

shoot, idk anymore, but it was probably a wlpr idea or an outfit to make with whatever clothes in the closet haha.

the crazy things you and a bff can come up with at a sleepover, and at midnight :P
random/you can't be too old for a sleepover can you?..there's no age-limit right?!...

the place looks cute (:. there's another place called "celebrity cupcakes"..idk what exactly is inside, but it sounds fun.
there's a place called "berripop" frozen yogurt. do you have one over there?

as for crumbs..whoa they have big cupcakes! the red velvet looks sooo good! aw, no there isn't a store around here :T

Posted by Snaily on May 22, 11 7:57 pm · History

Anyone else fired up by what Natalia has been doing?

Posted by Walker33 on May 21, 11 7:51 pm · History

yea true... :T
but there are some cool ppl here that's the sad thing. it's probably school/work/other plans that's why no one's here. haha I probably don't have a life that's why I check up every few days XDD

haha oh right...perhaps there are some guys out there who don't mind being with younger ladies?!...haha we MUST find them *w*

it's so funny at times. yea actually, it happened when I was about to fall asleep, I got up to write the idea down then went back to bed lolz.

rofl sure thing ;D. btw, a friend and I (kindof) made a commercial like James Francos' Gucci, instead we did was like: "uhhh maria I believe is Chanel NOT channel" ...yea, crazy stuff

lol sounds confusing doesn't it?
oh jeez I didn't bother seeing where other locations are at, but yea the place is good..kindof better than Sonic actually!
ok another place to ask you about. Do you have a SPRINKLES cupcake place?....heard the cupcakes are expensive but good :O

Posted by Snaily on May 7, 11 4:50 pm · History

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