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Hey there. You probably won't ever see this but...I see that no submissions have been processed since 2012 :( I'm having a hard time accepting that this place is truly DEAD. I just can't believe it. I feel horrible about this.

Posted by Butterface89 on Feb 1, 14 5:56 pm

Hey there! I'm so glad you came back here, even if it was only on your way to a living site! Ha ha! Wow, yeah it's as dead as hell. The day finally came and I'm shocked despite myself. If YOU leave then this site truly IS dead:((( Are people still sending in submissions? I was just curious since this place is dead. Maybe the owner is dead, too! We never know!

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 10, 13 4:01 pm

I'm sorry for responding like 20,000 years later but I rarely sign onto this site anymore. As you can see, it's like a ghost town so there's not much of a point to be here. How've you been though?!

Posted by manny-the-dino on Apr 1, 13 1:20 am

Hey, where ARE you??

Posted by Butterface89 on Mar 24, 13 8:16 am

Hi! Happy upcoming Thanksgiving! Where the hell IS everybody on here? Am I the only one that came back? Are you still here? Ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 20, 12 5:58 am

Hello there! Glad you had a good holiday! Also, glad to hear from you! As far as the 3.0's, okay. It's weird because I haven't gotten any complaints or people telling me that can't use them so, we'll see^^ Thanks again! Xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 29, 11 4:57 am

Hey Lana!
My 4th of July was fun. Went with my family to watch LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders match. How was yours?!
As far as the layout goes, we don't have a Myspace 3.0 choice enabled but we'd accept it, granted the coding is done correctly so just submit it if you'd like.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jul 18, 11 4:32 am

Hi Nathalie! How was your July 4th? You know, I've been wondering if CB still takes any Myspace 3.0 layouts, Nathalie. I coded the last one I did after the "change-over" & it worked fine for me. No one left any comments to tell me the layout didn't work for them. If I submit another at this time will it be rejected simply because it's myspace? Thank you.

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 8, 11 8:06 am

Haha it's just online. Like the staff pretty much volunteers to run the site. Pretty fun but now it's not the same as when I first started.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 13, 10 10:55 am

Ooh, you tricked me! It's black on black in your comment box! Okay:D ha ha! Yes, California weather is my favorite! I'm in Atlanta and it's getting nippy but no snow thankfully:D
I'm curious now: is CB out of an actual building somewhere or just online? Cali? NY? Ha ha xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Dec 11, 10 12:44 pm

Lmao inorite. And thanks.

Haha that's great. Sounds like a nice, chill Thanksgiving.

Seriously. I'd take the summer over winter any day. Actually I'm not in NY. I live in California. Southern California to be exact. Which explains why I prefer the heat lol

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 4, 10 1:42 am

I LOVE your new profile!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!! And I can SEE what I'm writing! It's like the sun came in:DDD Ha ha, yes Thanksgiving was great- just doing some writing and eating 2 favorite things:D It's getting so cold now! I "really" don't like cold :/ Summer, come back! Ha ha! What about you? Are you cold, too? I bet you are in New York. Oooh! COLD! Ha ha! Xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 29, 10 9:20 am

Hi Lana! I had a good Thanksgiving, thanks. How was yours? :)

Posted by manny-the-dino on Nov 28, 10 7:25 pm

Hello! I hope your Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL!b xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 28, 10 2:39 pm

No, YOU are GREAT! Such a sweet person. That means a lot. It really does...being a kind and good person. Thank you:]

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 1, 10 9:10 am

Anytime, Lana! Your skills with animation are GREAT. I wish mine were like yours haha. Keep it up! :D

Posted by manny-the-dino on Sep 1, 10 12:20 am

Ah, just saw the yOKO icon comment! Now this means a helluva lot to me coming from you! Believe that! THANK YOU:ddd

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 30, 10 6:52 pm

Thank you! Yes we did. Thank God:] xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 30, 10 6:46 pm

No problem! I'm here to help you any time and am glad we finally solved the problem :)

Posted by manny-the-dino on Aug 30, 10 5:54 pm

IT WORKED!!!! I just can't believe it! After all this time I've FINALLY been able to submit a layout. So now I have the first on epending and I'm ready to fall out, I'm so tired. Thank you for all of your help! REALLY! I understand now what I've been doing that's been disrupting the submissions process. I've been "labeling" each section of my layout (for my own benefit so I can get to each part with ease) but I've been putting the labels in these {} and it threw everything off. That's why. But I took those out and brought the layout down to 800x600 (but I think it was just the labels within the code and not the size, but it could've been a combination of both), so you were totally right about the 'coding' being the culprit (or something 'within' it in this case). Good night! Sleep tight! xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 27, 10 9:36 pm
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