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just visiting the ghost town lol. I want to be apart of another graphic design/web community ;-; or atleast try to revive this one

Posted by ScriptedLove on Apr 14, 13 1:32 pm

Hey Ashley! How are you? :)

Posted by manny-the-dino on Apr 1, 13 1:22 am

hey !

Posted by ScriptedLove on Mar 6, 13 12:46 pm

wow both of your exes sound like asses. sorry for my honesty lol

but i think you should go for it with this new guy. he sounds like a nice guy. just take things slow. :)

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 8, 08 10:28 pm

[takes a huge breath] Well, the ex that came in town has always been an asshole. He has no respect for me at all. He knew I was dating someone but kept pressuring me to make out and do other explicit things. UGH I HATE HIM SO MUCH. The recent now ex, wanted to control me. His brothers' ex girlfriend dumped him and it really has nothing to do with him nor me. None of our business. But he told me to never talk to her and shes my friend and I'll talk to anyone I'd like. So, he says its over. HAH. Oh well. This new guy, hes a sweety but I doubt it will get past friendship. He's a perfectionist and kind of on the private side.

Posted by ScriptedLove on Dec 6, 08 1:02 pm

woah you mentioned so many guys that i had to read your comment like 3 times lol.

but aw so your boyfriend & you aren't together anymore? i'm sorry :( what did you ex do to ruin your day? and who is this other guy you speak of? lol

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 6, 08 1:52 am

oh and yes-- F I E R C E! :D lmfao

Posted by ScriptedLove on Dec 5, 08 9:13 pm

boring :\ but as for what happened after that day-- ugh. en ex came into town and ruined my whole day until that night..[my bf broke up with me for a ridiculous reason- that same night i went on an accidental date with the perfect guy] but that guy doesn't want a relationship. I HATE BEING SINGLEEEE!!! ok- ill shut up now :}

Posted by ScriptedLove on Dec 5, 08 9:12 pm

it was great. a lot of food. lol. how was yours?

that's a fierce default you have there lol

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 5, 08 9:09 pm

Ho was your thanksgiving dahling :]

Posted by ScriptedLove on Dec 5, 08 8:35 pm
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